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Why Choose Us ? 

Healthier Cleaning Program

The Eagle Cleaning process creates a cleaner, healthier, professional work environment with advanced equipment and cleaning protocols 

Trash and Dash Cleaning 

Dumping the trash and using the same rag to clean restrooms and offices does nothing to kill and remove germs 

Janitor for Hire 

Watch for outdated equipment & supplies, no formal commercial cleaning skills training and lack of local expert support 

Certified Cleaning Professionals

Eagle Cleaning Services made it a commitment to become a certified commercial / residential cleaning industry professional.


Local Business Owners 

Eagle Cleaning Services provide services locally, live locally, and employ locally.

While some large janitorial services companies may have a big brand presence, who is actually in your facility every night ?

Faceless Service Companies 


Not every customer's needs, facility and budget are the same, so your service plan shouldn't be cookie clutter. 

One-Size-Fits-All Cleaning 

Customized Cleaning Plans 

The start to a great customer relationship is a customized coverall service plan for your facility and expectations. 


Special Cleaning Services 

Carpet cleaning, hard floor care and window are simple

add--ons to your service program to keep things looking fantastic.

Just The Basics 

Rejecting special services and replacing improperly maintained floors and carpets may cost you more in the long run.



In-House vs. Outsourced Janitorial Services 


Don't make a mistake of comparing our " Full Service " price with our in-house payroll expense. In many cases, you are already spending much more than you need to for professional Janitorial Services 

  • Direct payroll expense 

  • Direct supervision expense ( organization / delegation control ) 

  • Employee turnover & retraining ( settling grievances, etc ) 

  • Employee Vacations & Absences ( need to cover shifts ) 

  • Cost of equipment, cleaning chemicals, & cleaning supplies 

  • Cost to maintain equipment 

  • Payroll taxes 

  • Labor insurances ( medical, liability, workers comp ) 

  • Workers comp claim affecting premium cost 


One " ALL INCLUSIVE " invoiced costs for all items in left hand column 



Important Advantages of Choosing 
 Eagle Cleaning Services 

 Eagle Cleaning Services  helps create a cleaner, healthier environment. Compare our list with our list with your current cleaning service to make sure you're getting the clean you deserve.

Consistent Billing 

Getting an accurate bill from your cleaning service on time each month and remitting payment to a valid company 

Background Checks 

Office Cleaning usually happens at night when no one is around, so trust is important in your business relationship 

Bonded and Insured 

If something happens while your cleaning service is on site, make sure they are covered. 

Many people can offer cleaning services, but that doesn't make them certified professionals who are trained to do things correctly and efficiently

Trained and Certified 

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